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Reasons to Drink Alkaline Water

Ionic Oasis Water Ionizer water tastes better than any other water, including expensive bottled waters.

The Ionic Oasis Water Ionizer removes 95 % of toxins and pollutants from water to provide you with the safest and healthiest water you can get anywhere in the world.

Packed with 9, huge platinum plates double dipped in titanium designed for extra power

Ionic Oasis Water Ionizer water is a fraction of the cost of buying bottled water, about 2 cents a liter

Testimonial Section

When I first began to drink the ionized water from the Aquarius Rejuvenator I noticed that my skin seemed to have "plumped up" which resulted in many of the small lines from my face (especially around my eyes and forehead literally disappearing. The hydration is amazing which has resulted in fewer wrinkles and a very healthy glow. My hair and nails are growing faster and appear to be much stronger. Sally T. CA
I used to have terribly dry skin-especially on my forehead and scalp. That has disappeared. No more dandruff, and no more flaky patches on my forehead. I recently left the country and was without my Aquarius for two weeks. For the first week everything was fine-but by the end of my trip, the dryness on my forehead and scalp was returning. I was certainly glad to get back to my ionized alkaline water. The dryness went away as soon as I returned to drinking from my Rejuvenator. Daniel K. TX
I have had problems with my skin all my life, but in just six weeks, my adult acne has cleared up-and is completely gone. My skin is noticeably softer and people have asked me my secret to looking radiant. I tell everyone I can about the ionized alkaline water from my Genesis Rejuvenator. This was the best health investment I ever made. Marla S. OK

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